Methods of Movement
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General Information
At Methods of Movement we strive to provide families with the highest quality dance experience. We offer a well rounded curriculum designed to expose students to the diverse world of dance and performing arts. Our younger students explore the many physical, artistic, creative, and cognitive skills inherent to learning dance. For older children and teens, structured and specific technique classes teach the basics of ballet and jazz and provide a solid background for the aspiring dancer or dance enthusiast. Advanced and pre-professional classes complete the diverse curriculum.

Studio Policies:
* Tuition is a flat monthly fee due at the first class of each month. If other payment arrangements are necessary, they must be made in advance. Late fees will be charged . The studio observes the major school dist. holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Spring Break and Memorial Day). When you miss class due to these holidays, you have not been shorted class time. Tuition fees are based on a 4 week month. The months that have 5 weeks make up for the few holiday closures. We do not observe every no school day the students may have.
* No credits or refunds for missed classes.
* All students must follow class hair and attire requirements.
* All students will abide by class rules concerning safety and conduct.
* Classes are held September through June with a recital in June.

Studio Company:
Performance and competition opportunities are available with our top-honored company. (Skill and class placement requirements apply.)

Class Attire:
Classes have specific attire that is allowed. Details can be found on our class attire webpage.