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Preschool Creative Dance & First Steps
Class Information and Policies
Class Description:
     Preschool Creative Dance is specially designed for children ages 3 - 5 years. Overall emphasis is placed on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythm, and musical expression. Students will be exposed to multiple dance and music styles as well as basic tumbling. Creative Movement also frequently incorporates the use of props such as ribbon streamers, balls, scarves, rhythm sticks, etc...
     First Steps is a preschool creative movement class designed especially for students age 2 1/2 to 3 1/2. These early dancers receive a thorough introduction to movement, coordination, and musicality in a slower paced format and smaller class size than our regular preschool program. Students in First Steps learn the important foundations of dance classroom etiquette so critical to future successes yet so difficult at this young age such as taking turns, finding and staying in place, listening skills and expression. First Steps students are often leaving their parents or care providers to participate in a classroom setting for the first time, and special care is taken to ensure this is done so smoothly and positively.

Age Requirements:
     Preschool Creative Dance - Pre-schoolers aged 3 - 5 are encouraged to take Preschool Creative Dance to prepare them for any style of dance they wish to pursue once they reach school age. Students must be potty-trained and able to dress/undress themselves (teacher cannot leave others to help in restroom).
     First Steps - Pre-schoolers aged 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 are encouraged to take the First Steps class to prepare them for regular preschool program. Students should be potty-trained (pull-ups are an acceptable alternative) and able to dress/undress themselves.
     Of special note: It is normal for these students to have a period of separation anxiety at the first of the year and possibly again after extended breaks such as Christmas and Spring Break. We have found the best way to get them over this problem is to LEAVE and let them adjust to their new teacher and surroundings. It may be difficult to walk out the door hearing your child whimper or cry, but rest assured they are in excellent, loving hands. Children this age are just getting the hang of independence, and will eventually thrive on such if given the chance.

Committment Level:
     Preschool classes are offered for 30 or 45 minutes, one time per week. No other time commitment is expected until the recital in June at which time there will be a dress rehearsal and performance. Preschool students will be expected to buy appropriate dance attire for their weekly class (see list) and a recital costume in the spring.

Class Attire:
     No shoes, socks, or tights that cover the foot. Preschool dancers must be dressed comfortably to allow for free movement. While a leotard and footless tights is the preferred attire, leggings and a t-shirt is appropriate. No sparkles, tutus, or long skirts. Hair must be secured up and away from face and neck.

Reasons for Hair Requirements:
     It is very difficult and frustrating to learn proper body positioning and control if you cannot see or have to keep brushing hair out of your eyes. All dance students are required to have their hair pulled back away from the face and up off the neck. For safety reasons, we will not allow students to participate if they arrive to class without their hair secured.

Why No Ballet Shoes?
     Preschool Creative Dance is a unique type of class. These students are not just working on learning one dance discipline, but the beginnings of many, as well as key components of lifelong movement, musical interpretation, rhythm, muscle strength, creativity - just to name a few! These are difficult tasks at this age and a bare foot provides greater stability on a potentially slippery floor. Also, it is easier to coordinate and facilitate the tiny yet important muscles of the feet if they are not confined.

Why No TuTus or Sparkles?
     At this age especially, children are easily distracted by such things. A sparkly leotard or skirt will literally get picked at or played with the entire class by not only the wearer, but the rest of the class as well. Skirts and tutus get tangled in tiny arms and legs. Feathers, crowns, wands, belts, .... don't even try it! Leotards with PLAIN SHORT ATTACHED skirts are ok. If you have an outfit in question, leave it home in the dress-up box.