Methods of Movement
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Class Information and Policies
Class Description:
     Our Tumblebugs classes are centered around learning proper stretching and strengthening techniques for basic tumbling skills in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Tumbling develops coordination, rhythm, strength, and flexibility with the bonus aspects of increased self-esteem, cooperation among peers, and pride in one's accomplishments.

Age Requirements:
     Tumblebugs is a pre-gymnastics class for children ages 3-5 years. This class is specifically designed to expose this young age group to the basic skills and classroom etiquette needed for the upper levels of gymnastics study. Tumblebugs develops coordination, strength, and flexibility in an age-appropriate setting for preschoolers.

Committment Level:
     Tumblebugs classes are 45 minutes in length one time per week. No other time commitment is expected until the Parent Program in June. Students will be expected to buy appropriate attire for their weekly class (see next).

Class Attire:
     For safety reasons, we will not allow students to participate if they arrive to class without proper attire.
     Bare Feet! A leotard and footless tights or leggings is ideal for girls, shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt is ideal for boys. Hair should be secured away from face and off neck. No baggy clothing or loose hair allowed.

Reasons for Attire Requirements:
     Proper attire in tumbling is primarily a safety issue. It is impossible to complete the required skills, or for a teacher to assist a students attempt if clothing and hair are in the way. Proper attire also promotes a sense of discipline among the students and places a special importance on the activity. Also, from a teachers point of view, it is much easier to see, and herefore correct or compliment, body positions, steps, expressions, etc. when students are dressed appropriately.

Reasons for Hair Requirements:
     It is very difficult and frustrating to learn proper body positioning and control if you cannot see or have to keep brushing hair out of your eyes. All tumbling students are required to have their hair pulled back away from the face and up off the neck. For safety reasons, we will not allow students to participate if they arrive to class without their hair secured.